Water Filter Distribution

The main goal of the project is to provide clean and safe drinking water to families of children studying in Gurukul Children Academy School in the rural village Belsar, District Gonda, Uttar Pradesh, India as well as to other families in Belsar. Ground water in this area is not safe for drinking without filtering. Last year, World Without Obstacles India installed a water filter in the school with financial support from donors in The Netherlands. But if children are still drinking contaminated water at home, their health will remain affected. To ensure that the overall health of children will improve they will also need to drink safe and clean water at home. Although low cost, low maintenance and ecologically friendly filters are available in the market, they are not financially within reach of most families.

Through this project household drinking water filter systems will be provided to >200 GCA families. People who have filters at home will be able to get drinking water that is purified as per standards of World Health Organization (WHO). Their health status is expected to improve which will allow students to develop and learn better in school.

The goal of the project is to make people aware of the importance of using clean drinking water and provide them with options so that they can save themselves from the ailments caused by using contaminated water.

1) Provide WATSAN drinking water filters to over 200 families of children studying in Gurukul Children Academy School and as many people of the community in Belsar living around the school area as possible.
2) Raise awareness about the health benefits of safe drinking water, education about usage and maintenance of the WATSAN water filter system and other means to improve drinking water quality at home.

Why WATSAN filters?
Last year, two large scale WATSAN water filter tanks were installed in the multi-functional school building in Belsar. The experience with these water filters is positive. During the project period, 10 smaller household filters were provided to families in Belsar. Their experience with the household filters is also positive (see WWO vlog No. 4).

The WATSAN filter is affordable, does not use any electricity and maintenance/cleaning is simple. The filter system consists of environmentally friendly terracotta elements which do not need to be replaced. This makes the filter system highly suitable for rural India….